PT. Graha Sumber Citra


The switcher or DMi switcher is a device that is used as a device that is able to display the display on the screen alternately due to the limitations of the HDMI port. This HDMI Switcher can be used for various devices such as DVD, PS3 / 4, Computers, Xbox, Handycam, Decorder Parabola, etc. that use an HDMI port.This HDMI Switcher is compatible for all devices using an HDMI port. Now you can display various displays on your device alternately with one monitor. To move the display on one device and another to your monitor, you do not need to manually change it via the button on the HDMI Switcher. This tool is equipped with a remote control so you can change the display remotely. Without having to press the button on this tool.
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